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"Unfindable Antinomies” presents a grouping of "spatial constructs" that reinterpret a series of mcdowellespinosa's speculative architectural projects. This work investigates the role of authenticity in architecture and was awarded a 2015 New York Architectural League Prize. Using an identical set of material "ingredients," the design partners Seth McDowell and Rychiee Espinosa have constructed a radically different set of physical models utilizing abnormal construction techniques: aggregated thin layers of wax cast in water, linear threaded wads of chewing gum coated with dried spearmint leaves, and intricate modular constructions of laser-cut wood. Drawings of these models translate the spatial constructs into architectural fantasies — mysterious formations without context and utility.

Earlier Event: November 2
Work Hard/Play Hard
Later Event: November 18
Cville RUG Holiday Party