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Charlottesville Revit User Group Meeting

5:15 PM: Networking, Drinks & Food provided by Smoked BBQ

5:50 PMAnnouncements, Door Prize Drawing provided by Imaginit & CVAIA and Introduction


Presenter:  Paul Aubin, via LIVE webcast just for us!

Session Description:

Maybe you know the power of Revit software’s Family Editor but you’ve avoided it or it has intimidated you until now. Wait no more. This hands-on lab will introduce you to the basics of Family Editor. Once you overcome your nerves, you’ll find that while Family Editor is extremely powerful, it can actually be great fun. In this short introduction to Family Editor, you will create a Revit component family complete with constraints and parameters. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a constraint or parameter is—we’ll cover that too. Whether you’ve never worked in Revit software before, or you’ve used Revit for a while but you’ve simply avoided the Family Editor, this lab will teach you the basics of the editor in the most effective way possible—hands on! Note: The session uses architectural examples, but the concepts apply to the flavors of Revit software, including Revit LT software. 


Download the dataset and the handout ahead of time at:



At the end of this class, you will have an understanding of:

• How to use reference planes, constraints, and parameters

• How to create a simple, fully parametric model family

• How to nest components and set up a parametric array

• How to apply materials and other accoutrements


AIA Learning Credit CEUs will be offered.


7:00-8:00 PM


Networking, additional Q & A


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